Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Antique Gun Display

Joe Truehart recently finished a piece that I have added to my collection page. This was a commissioned piece that was made as a Christmas gift for my clients husband. She contacted me wanting a gun rack for her husbands cherished antique guns but she wanted it to be special and different from those other racks that she was seeing on the internet. So after pondering a few days about the options and looking at hundreds of other displays I drew this concept and presented it to her. She loved the concept and gave me the go ahead. I used hickory as the main backdrop and made a frame around that with walnut and red oak. The interesting thing about this is how the guns are mounted to the board. I made blocks out of walnut that elevate the guns from the backboard and then fit a leather strap into a slot. The strap then looped around the gun and the other end was attached to a gun swivel. I like the use of leather with military displays since it provides a bit of nostalgia and really fits with the look and feel of the piece.

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